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The Chasm (in the blackness you can spot a star near the center, That Star System is where the Uranians dwell.

The Chasm is a unique nebula formation in the Beta Quadrant. The nebula is vast and can be seen with the naked eye on a cloudless night on Carpathia.

Scientfic AnalysisEdit

The Chasm is one of the most unique galactic formations in the galaxy. It appears as if the nebula formed when a massive star went supernova and create a massive steller cloud of gases and particles. However, the supernova created a temporary black hole causing the cloud to appear the way it does today. How the star was able to create a temporary black hole has still baffled scientists from all over the galaxy. 

Some researches have sought to look through Ancient Uranian history for answers that may conclude to either natural cause of the phenomena or rather if the Uranians were responsible for the creation of it. A noted UGI physicist spoke during a Scientific convention. 

"If the Ancient Uranians were responsible for its creation then they must have left the technology behind for their descendants to use in the future. If this is so then the Uranians should be the highest priority on our list to learn from. As one Ancient Vulcan text reads of the Ancient Uranians being able to construct entire worlds using [ what can be described as Spherical Grey Orbs ] which attracted asteroids and gases from nebula and asteroid belts. These elements would crush together creating immense heat that would quickly cool in the dead of space and form a large planetoids. When planetoid were to large the ships that sailed the vastness of space would shave layers from the planet and break them up into rings that would orbit the world or crush them together to create moons. Their technological achievements must be deep rooted in some form of wonderful logic..." 

The man spoke for hours which eventually convinced the UGI to try every form of diplomacy to persuade them to join the UGI however by the time they were starting to the Corporate War had begun and UGI did not join until 10 years later when AULTECH Industries attacked them. Then they sided with the Jekvin Coalition which allowed them access to discuss possible Technology trade with the Uranians

It would still take years for the Uranians to accept the offer. But eventually the two races would be open in trade with each other and working alongside each other ushering in the Golden Galactic Age of Technology.

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