"By Nigrash, I expected this with Shao'Khan but not this nightmare, oh god not this night..." the similar words of many thousands of Taiidans before a few snapping of minds. 

The Event known as the BloodBath of the Universe was an event that occured in 4666, in which the current Taiidan Emperor known as Valshiek Cafre commited an atrosity like which the universe has never seen nor would ever see again. The estimated death toll by the end of the event was over 36.7 zillion with many worlds being stained red with the blood of billions upon them. (This page was made in honor of our 666th page and i felt it had to be exceptionally dark and gruesome event.) 

Prior to eventEdit

For the past 500 years after Shao'Khan Valshiek Cafre the New Taiidan Emperor sought to amke the Taiidans as powerful or even more powerful then they once had been. (WORK In Progress) (feel Free to Contribute to the most horrific event in this Universes history) (Just remember the Event is Limited to just this Universe) and Yoshirou will rediscover his true idenity as well as being responsible personally for the Death of Valshiek Cafre) 

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