The Avanii
The Avani
Biologial information

Black Holes

Physical information
Average Height




Skin color


Hair color


Eye color
  • Full color wheel with an energy look to it.

Possibly infinite?

Physical distinctions

Difficult to determine whether they are the black hole or a being that resides within a Black Hole. Can manipulate Gravity with unfathomable ease.


They use no form of technology. Yet have a limitless intellectual capacity of understanding it.

Known ranks


Notable Facts

They dwell in black holes even artificially created ones.


Self affilated

The Avanii are a evoultionary anomoly. Literally they should not have evolved. Ask any Plasmoid or Progeniator. It is impossible for them to exist yet they do. They are also one of the strongest races in existence. They are considered so far to be Protective, Patient, and Ethical beings. 

First appearanceEdit

During the UGI-Sorgheli conflict a large fleet of Soregheli were headed toward the Taiidan homeworld and very few Taiidan's ships were avalible for the defense of their homeworld as they were too far away to arrive in time. It looked hopeless and the Sorghelli would lay waste to the Taiidan Homeworld. 

Nearby as the enemy approached their homeworld the fleet was suddenly ripped from subspace. A black hole by the desgination Apprius, suddenly grew 800% larger and began to pull the fleet into it. The Soregheli attempted to engage warp drive again to get away, but the blackhole kept increasing in power. The last sensor recordings reported that the enemy fleet was crushed and pulled toward the event horizon. 

After doing extensive a Sesirayscan of the black hole which proceeded to return to orginal size. The results revealed what appeared to be a figure at the center of the Blackhole. Even more disturbing was the fact that head of the being was turned toward the Taiidan homeworld. 

Around a week later the being made telepathic contact with Nigrash informing him that he had been responsible for the Destruction of the invaders. This like any plasmoid or progenitator came as a surprise as until that day they did not know of their existence. The being merely said that if they needed help again or wanted to see him they would have to set up an array orbiting the black hole and he would insure its safety. 

Nigrash commented that Plasmoids and Progeninators powers, or at least all the way up to Prime level have no effect on them. 

UGI Response & AppreciationEdit

The UGI as a whole didn't want the Avanii near there worlds, but after hearing about what they did for the Homeworld they began to listen. This is where the UGI Blackwell project came into existence as they created a blackhole that would stay its normal size. They warned the Avanii that they are not dependant on them at all but are greatful for saving the Taiidan species.

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