"How could a world just suddenly appear and of all places to appear why in the Carpathian System?"

The Teriotae incident was a strange almost repeat of what occurred with the Taiidan race when they first appeared in the galaxy. An entire world just suddenly appeared in the Carpathian system.

The UGI military took it as a hostile action and bombarded the planet, leveling the cities on the world and believing they had extinguished all life on the world. However when they arrived on the world, while the cities had been made rubble the population, not a soul had been killed. Nor were they upset, they seemed as if the Taiidans had made their day, exciting.

Discovering no hostile activity even when some Taiidans decided to use some of population as target practice only to find their weapons could deal no damage even after several Taiidans ordered an artillery fire upon the group of Teriotae who just like before shrugged off the attack as if they weren't being targeted at all. The Taiidans targeting them were prosecuted for attempting to kill without cause. The Taiidans in command found the Teriotae as a species to be very unlikable but as Individuals they found them to be quite likable.

The UGI offered them citizenship which the Teriotae said, "sure that's fine whatever." A very informal response almost like they didn't really care. Getting to define them as a class though was difficult as the Taiidans and UGI had basically destroyed their world. They were given an Alpha grant pass until they proved themselves otherwise which they did proving themselves to be on the level equal to the Jin'Huan and the Tele'tekathra.

According to the several who served in the UGI military and in the Taiidan military ranks noted commanders praised the fact that they were competent soldiers and that they followed orders and took delight in their work, however those who would read their private journals discovered that the Teriotae officers were easily bored with their duties if they weren't kept busy and would try to find things that kept them busy even if they were not legal. As such the stereotype has proven to be useful all around that if a Teriotae is not entertained they will find ways to keep themselves entertained.

Commanders have learned to keep them the busiest beings on their ships.

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