Ter'tenek is the current Emperor of the Taiidan Empire that is in reign. He is a desendant of of Xerxes and is the cousin of Erex Malren the former Emperor Dev'err.  Ter'tenek isn't a harsh emperor as he is the reason the Taiidans have joined the UGI but he isn't seen much. During the Sorghelli War he fought and was known for his battle armor depicted. 


Ter'tenek is a soft spoken Emperor but behind that mask lies a butcher in the making. His hatred for the Sorghelli and the Imperium has kept him from advancing Imperium relations. Even after being given New Taiidan his distrust for them is the reason he had all Imperium removed from the planet. He created the Taiidan Secret Police to hunt out and root all dissidents. 

His paranoid nature is due to his time in combat and he knows the Sorghelli will come back. 

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