Product information

Taiidan Empire

Technical information

Varies from 1800 m to 5km

Shield Generator

50 EJ


Varies from role


Varies from role

Crew requirements

Varies from role

Skeleton Crew

Varies from role


Varies from role

Cargo capacity

Varies from role


Varies from role

First usage

-180,000 NET

  • Old Taiidan Empire
  • Reformed Taiidan EMpire
  • Taiidan Empire
Tengu means Monster in Taiidan. There is a reason this vessel was called Tengu. These vessels are from the old Taiidan Empire but when the reformed Taiidan empire was created they began to rebuild these vessels ad their beauty was an example of Taiidan culture. Although aesthetically pleasing in combat they were able to take down UGI Battleships it being only a cruiser.


Built to be beautiful, and armed to become its name these vessels in combat were devastating to anything. They were one of the reasons the Taiidans conquered the galaxy. A Tengu captain knows his ship from top to bottom. The odd thing is that a Tengu is modular so it can be a cruiser, a battleship, battlecruiser, dreadnought or whatever it is armed to be meaning the length determines the vessel's role.


Designed for war, built for devastation, feared for eternity. That is the Tengu's legacy the sight of one was a sign you angered the Taiidans, and when a Taiidan was angered there wasn't much you could do to survive it. 

Under construction

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