Temploral State Device

The Temploral State ZDevice arguably the most powerful weapon ever designed conciveed and built, so powerful that Rathal made a personal appearance denying it usuage and presentation to any nation, and that it should be destroyed.

"I wouldn't call it a weapon, but I would consider it would make the greatest bluff for a Weapon of Mass Destruction." Micheal Trillion to Erex Malren. 

The Temploral State Device is created from a form of physics barely understood by the UGI and has been considered by Micheal Trillion as the single greatest bluff. but the truth that Micheal Trillion won't acknowledge is that whoever or whatever he used to the device on would not only be made immortal but also it would move back ward or forward the begining or civilization through time either to give them an advantage or to incernerate them in the death of the omniverse. 

The creation of such a device led the UGI to begin multiple tests on Micheal Trillion because to accomplish such technological feat that blew some of the brightest minds in the UGI was now doubting to whether or not Micheal Trillion was human or not. 


Shortly following the Cerberus Armories had paid him a visit. 

"Golina, i think its time i listened to you and pulled the goalies, lets see if they can compete with this." Micheal Trillion with determination to his family.

"Micheal, if build those designs you have been sketching for the past 20 years, people are going to realize you aren't human like they say that your really a Proticon, like the beast had once told you." ~Golina

"i am aware of that Golina and if they find out i am prepared to face an trials i may be committed for, yes this explains why you and i couldn't have kids of our own, yes this would explain why my IQ is so far beyond the possibility for a Human, But i have learned something very interesting though it my body is human but should i die, I am told in my dreams every night i will transform into my true-form but i mustn't ever kill anyone otherwise the voice has said something very bad will happen." Micheal To Golina

Micheal Trillion dveleved into his work his adopted children and his wife all working on the project together. When it was compleleted it was said by hs wife if you were anything like Letric Tech you could wipe out all of UGI with that thing. Micheal Trillion responded with, "Dear, please no power hungry schemes, again." 

No sooner than he had completeled that device when Rathal literally appeared. 

Rathal ConfrontationEdit

Don't even think about giving the UGI that think about giving the UGI that thing. With its power they could take over the omniverse and no one could stop them. That device which you have on the desk right their is something even beyond Plasmoid and Progenitor technology, thats is something only the Ancient Ascendcy knew how to construct. " Rathal.

"What this, to be honest this is just one of my least complex designs." Micheal Trillion

Then you have just verified what you are, Your 100% human and 100% Ancient Ascendancy." Rathal

"I don't believe you, there if that were true then if i got killed today i would become my second form?" Micheal Trillion

"If you have been everything you have believed in, then you will emerge in your AA form, but if you have ever killed or do kill someone or do something intentionally wrong kn owing your doing wrong, you will become a fallen AA Still with all the power but you will have a weakness and that weakness will be the death of you." Rathal

Rathal, I am going to show them the capabilites of this device at the meeting if they vote that this weapon is to powerful and the temptation to use it is to strong, then i will have the device fire on itself and destory it, but if they ask to keep but let their scientists look over, i will destroy it anyway, but if they let me hold onto it, and allow me to construct my own force to guard my extreme creations then i will preserve it. 

Rathal: If anything occurs that fails in that plan i will personally bring the device to you so you can destroy it. 

When he brought this to the Galactic Council... go to this page for the entire story... Galactic Council Session 216

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