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Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height



180 lbs

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color



1000 years +

Notable Facts

Are Taiidan Compatible.



A beautiful species of aliens from the Novan Galaxy. They were one of three Taiidan compabible species. Though they had to wear full armor due to immune system. They were however known for thier extreme beauty. Erex Malren married one of them due to diplomacy when the Novan Galaxy was evacuated due to its collapse. Her name was Tis'atid. She bore him 7 children. They live longer lives than Taiidans on average, but are weak in immunity. Its extremely odd to see their beauty and find out that a cold can kill them. To mate they must take herbs to bolters immune system but first time mating they become very sick with other than their own species. Being with a Taiidan is even more odd.


Living on the planet Tel'tadian (Tel'Tadi-an) they have a weak immune system this is due to their species immune system never fully developing this has caused them to be very social people. Intresting how when they learned they were Taiidan compatible and that the Taiidans wouldn't conquer them for that fact they didn't become cocky instead they were honored.


After discovering that they were Taiidan Compatible which after that the Taiidans protected them. They were considered to be some of the most beautiful species in the galaxy in both Milky Way but in the Novan as well.

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