The only Taiidan in history to be born with white eyes and Nigrash knew this is the result of expirmentation by a Coragdun in the womb. Nigrash because of this threatened them with War when they laughed he sent Taol'i the destroyer and he slew the lot of them the 10 that expiremented died to Taol'i and when he returned his face scarred.


One cannot get the name the desstroyer with being soft. His father Gori'thak the Kind fathered the Destroyer from him on forth the Taiidan emperors were seen as evil. He used to not be that waybin fact he used to be just like his father but when his aunt, wife and children were killed by Tey'talians he was no longer Tao'li the God King. Even Nigrash feared him as he knew a crazed Taiidan was capable of killing him as well as causing great harm.



When strife hit him he was heart broken when he lost his wife and two young daughters to the point he wanted to kill himself. Instead he fueled his anger as Emperor and incited the Taiidans to the point of fanaticism and ended a four year cold war with the Tey'talians. The Taiidans then conquered them in a matter of weeks. Ever since Tao'li the Destroyer there hasn't been a kind Emperor and his legacy would last hundreds of thousands of years.


Although there was only a single family the line of Xerxes as emperor. Tao'li would be the primary reason they would become the demon race with a name that stook. His second wife bore him the line that would bring the Taiidans Erex Malren before the chip was implanted. He would also go down as the god Emperor because of his many wars in his 1200 year reign that he would win each war.

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