The Tamoth Preservation Facility

One o f the facilities where Tamoth's species were examined and dissected.

Commonly refered to in Taiidan socitey as the mad Progenitor who was subsequently killed off by Nigrash for unexplained reasons especially during his creation of a subset species based of the Taiidans who inhabited the once 3rd moon of Taiidan.  

Life Edit

Tamoth'Argomen was a progenitor that sought to create a intellectual breed of beings based off the Taiidan template. His idea was that the Taiidans already are the pefect soldiers, so why not have the perfect psychics who being related to the Taiidans contribute to the Taiidan cause by being their living equivlant of Artficial intelligence. He planned to make them have the same body format the difference would be far larger brain sizes and the capability of each generation breeding an improvement to evolve the Taiidans in a continued existence. Already begining the process he created the beings in male and female form. Unlike the Taiidans he made the women for immobile and with higher ESP rates. The males would be more mobile and but lack the same ESP advantages he females had. The females would operate as the military and Psychic support engines for all Taiidans and Sub-species under the Taiidan genus. The men would handle the directing of where this mental power could be distributed. 

His ExcutionEdit

For unknown reasons to the Taiidan population Nigrash had Tamoth eliminated, one reason may have been revolves around the great figure of DNA strands, 888. Which represents the maximum amount of DNA before entering plasmoid form. Had these subset of Taiidans succeded a great fear by both progentiors, plasmoid, coragadun and shadow plasmoid and even the Arkani and Gar'lo would be the existence of a species that could not enter plasmoid form yet attain strands higher than 888, for the even those genetic possiblites could wreck untold, unfathomable, permanet damage to the omniverse. Because as of yet there is only one species that has that kind of DNA structure, The Kal'Krika, which were designed by the Ancient Ascendency that had no begining, as the species that would keep the omniverse in order, and maintain it till the Ancient Ascendency returns. 

It was for this reason Tamoth was executed. When he was excuted he hadn't yet been able to give his creation sentience and thus the species had bodies but had no sentience nor drive to surive and they were even less then animals as all their brains could do besides produce psionic energy was just maintian their bodies function. The species was made by the Taiidans to be observed disected and autopised to help them understand more about Progenitor technology. 

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