Tal'rik is the name of a rogue UGI Cipher Agent, who is also known to be one of the most dangerous out there. He was on a mission when his team betrayed him and left him for dead when he "Died" he became alone, and although for being a Taiidan, he was still requiring interaction. Alone on an Abondoned UGI colony world. He began to go crazy. But when a Federation starship picked up his SOS beacon they rescued the Cipher Agent unaware of who he was or what he was they helped him. What more is that he was discovered by the Federation 75 years before the UGI would appear in the Milky way. But he ran away from the Federation starship after stealing a shuttle and everyone onboard was killed. The ship was discovered later by Jean Luc Picards Enterprise; with no traces on where the person when. Later the Agent found his old Iron Fist Gunship and flew it once he got to the location where the Cipher team was murdered. It was noted that he stole their gear. When the UGI appeared out of nowhere he would later create the most powerful crime organization; using the vessels of stolen and hijacked Corvettes from the UGI; after requesting their Seriel Keys he broke into them and transferred them to himself. This hijacking of 50 Corvettes was covered up.

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