Tak-wu Compact Infiltrator Sniper Rifle
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Sniper Rifle

Technical information
  • Compact: 3.5 feet
  • Extended: 7 feet
Ammo type

High Impact Plasma

Weapon Action
  • 4 bullet Burst
  • 12 miles

The Tak-wu Compact Infiltrator Sniper Rifle is a weapon that is most unusual for Taiidan Arms to make. To hide the fact a soldier is a sniper, the barrel retracts into the gun, making it appear to be a carbine, but when he goes into sniper mode the barrel extends out to its full length allowing greater range.


This weapon is the only model that does the retraction for a reason, to hide a sniper otherwise it  would spell danger to him. The gun cannot fire in retracted mode which is why the Infiltrator carries an Tak-Wu Compact Inflitrators SMG



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