Taika'juu is the only son of the Empress Annihulus, whom she was the only person she wouldn't dare touch not out of love but fear, she loved her son and made him ruler of much while she was the Empress. But she would have her heart broken when he stabbed her in the back and placed in the Nurhik Order with tears in her eyes that her only son would do this to her. Her final words to him:

I did this all for you, I killed your father because he was evil, I killed him because he wanted you dead, and now my only child has done this great evil. I should of expected it but after your father had the Forgotten Emperor removed from history I killed him. My son don't make my mistakes.

Taika'juu would be known as the Emperor of Hatred. He would later marry a Tel'sothan, the only Novan species compatible with Taiidan DNA. The rest of their blood line would have her DNA but the taiidan traits were so dominant her child was fully Taiidan in appearance. Tylla, Empress to Taikia'juu was the only saving grace he was still sane. She considered the mother of modern line of Taiidan Emperors and her DNA is still present in Erex Malren 300,000 years later.

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