Taiidan Restraints is a form of Brainwashing and mind control on their Military personnel as well as their intelligence operatives. This is one of the darkest things that the Taiidans stoop to.


The first thing to be done is be strapped down to a table and are injected with a substance that unknown to anyone and is classified. It begins to rewrite their neural pathways as well as their behavior. It is a form of mind control. Only a person known as a handler has the Override Codes. The handlers have programming and subconcious mind control that prevents them from ever releasing the codes. The process is extremely painful to all and is irreversible, and cannot be undone.

Preventive MeasuresEdit

  • Its impossible for the programming to be reversed. Once done reversal will kill him. 
  • Its impossible to extract information from people under this programming. 
  • It prevents anyone from discussing missions and or classified information. Especially when it comes to UGI technology.
  • The soldiers cannot control themselves under the rule. They can only be given orders after being given their code. However they cannot override it themselves. 
  • The Code isn't spoken in english or in any dialects of language that can be pronounced. The language used by the handlers is the hardest language to speak. Those who are not fluent in this language cannot give orders. 
  • Universal Translators cannot determine a connection with any spoken word making this language only passed on from word of mouth.
  • It cannot be pronounced by humans or even Coragaduns.
  • The language spoken is actually the language of the Manti. Speaking an insectoid language is impossible  for anyone.

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