Taiiand Honor Guard

After the Sorghelli War many believed the Taiidan to be weak because of their near annihilation when they didn't realize this happens every 80,000 years. However they still created a the ultimate soldier the Taiidan Honor Guard, those in the Honor Guard were survivors of the Black Codex Project. But this was different. They wanted to be known they were there, they wanted people to know that there coming after you. 


Trained to survive the harshest enviroments with and without armor these soldiers could survive the coldest weather without their armor and still beat the enemy down. 


Wearing literally the heaviest armor the Taiidans ever built it comes at a great expense of what they built. Thier armor's body glove is stab resistant from even the sharpest blades, as an object hits the glove the glove hardens making it sound as if they stabbed a plate. Their weapon they carry can vaporize parts of a soldier if they used Type IV Plasma.


As these soldiers were being seen thier unusually white armor made them recognizable and to make it worse they were some of the coldest soldiers ever seen. They would protect the Taiidan way of life at all cost. There were entire battalions of these soldiers. They also protected the UGI President post Sorghelli War.


  • Designed based off of the British Grenadiers, the Spetnaz and US Marines in their undying demeanor.
  • They are some of the most fearsome and fiercest soldiers in the galaxy.
  • Due to their people being only at around 15,000 left their fighting skills were second to none to protect the Taiidans from any threat including the UGI.

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