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Taiidan Emperors Mask

Taiidan Emperors Mask

Taiidan Emperors are called Hu'jiiak by the Taiidans which means god king. This isn't because they believe him to be a god, just that translation of the the Taiidan language into the Federation language known as Standard it wasn't easy due to the creation of most of the words to translate that didn't exist to the Taiidans the Hu'jiiak means Supreme Emperor.


The Dynasty of Xerxes is the only line of Emperors in the Taiidan Empire. They birthed the greatest and also the worst Taiidans to live.

Culture of themEdit

The Taiidan Emperor is supreme in the Taiidan Empire, if he demands something he gets it. If he wants it he recieves it. The only Emperor to not be considered an Emperor Shao'khan and that he was stripped of his emperor title because of the damage he has done. But if a Emperor abdicates his throne he is still considered Emperor but with no power over them just tradition. They are called Ji'huiik or "Lonely King". However when you are in the presence of the Ji'huiik it is customary to bow or prostrate yourself before him as he was once an Emperor. Erex Malren is a Ji'huiik but he is an exception of not bowing, due to he was an Emperor but his name change keeps him from being considered a Ji'huiik. Though Taiidans are ordered to salute him because of being the UGI.

The Taiidan Emperors when they get Extrosis they do not treat it, they keep it as a sign of thier power. Their voice morphs and deepens to the liking of demons. They are feared as they can call on the Taiidan military and order them to do whatever he wills no exceptions. Though when a current emperor talks to a Ji'huiik they call the Ji'huiik "My Emperor" as a sign of respect.

Respecting them is what is required fear of them is nessecary. The Taiidans though capable of compassion are very violent and aggressive people. There is nothing they won't do for their Emperor, and no matter what thier affiliation or orders are they fufill the Emperors first and foremost. 

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