"Sweety don't touch him, please spare him, take me instead!"
―Mother begging for mercy
"Beat it kid next time you touch the armor you'll end up like all the others."
―Taiidan soldier sparing the child
Taiidan Combat Armor

The armor of the Taiidans was designed hundreds of thousands of years ago by Taiidan military genius So'lar it was designed to inspire fear, and people knew they were Taiidan by the armor. Not only that they knew where they stepped destruction followed.

Armor CharacterisitcsEdit

Although designed over 250,000 years previous they kept the armor designes but kept improving on it. Its beauty that inspired fear, its face mask was designed to instill terror on the enemy as this was the first armor in the Novan Galaxy history to have the soldiers face entirely covered. The armor was not the heaviest at the time but it was one of the most effective their wearers were feared and it only took a single battalion of soldiers who wore this armor to keep a planet under control.


Designed by Military genius So'lar who was a War Hero of the Manti Wars designed it to ensure the Taiidans would be feared for all eternity and the Taiidans that wore this armor during the Novan Wars still had the same effect as the Taiidans did 250,000 years ago. The armor has been improved upon greatly to the point that it has a bigger brother for bigger Taiidans and its extremely heavy.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • The First armor in the Novan Galaxy history to have its wearer face fully covered and anonymous.
  • The armors vocabulator translates the Taiidan language into the language of the people on the planet and was the Novan Galaxy's first Universal translator.
  • Even 250,000 years later the armor still inspire fear and awe amongst the users.
  • Its known to be extremely agile and the body glove underneath the armor is actually extremely strong.
  • The armor is actually stronger than UGI armor used on Black Codex soldiers. But now it is considered for ceremonial usage only. 
  • The colors depicted on the armor as there are many color variations.
    • Red- The Blood that is being spilled or that was spilled.
    • Black- The Color affiliated with death and destruction.
    • White-The Purity of the wearer(Rarest color).
    • Blue-The Power of Taiidans(Ceremonial)
    • Green-The power of Life(Used by Taiidan Doctors, or Combat Medics).

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