Radioactive world
Astrographical information
Star Position









45,000 miles

Day Length

47 hours

Year Length


  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Unknown gases
Surface temperature

99 degrees


8.2 billion

Notable Facts
  • One of the most radioactive worlds in according to starfleet.
  • Progenitors took world from Alpha Bravo 3 reality and put it into Starfleet reality.

This is the homeworld of the Taiidan species. It is considered to be one of the most radioactive worlds in the galaxy according to starfleet soo much that shields are disrupted and engines go offline where they must be tugged away so they can resume course.

Geographic dataEdit

Item2 terrain-radioactive
The terrain on Taiidan is depicted here. This is what the surface of the world looks like and is so radioactive that few species can survive it. It has not only Omega radiation, Theta, Gamma, Beta, and Alpha radiation but as well as one radiation that Starfleet has never encountered. This radiation is why the alien threat known as the Manti has never attacked the Taiidan world as it kept them from going out of phase. The world is inhospitable, and by all means uninhabitable but the Taiidans here thrive on it. It has four major cities as well as some other cities.


The Taiidan homeworld is where the taiidans were literally created and  bio-engineered by the Progenitors. Their creation here allowed the Taiidans to survive. Their homes were powered by antimatter plants that produced enough energy to provide power for 7000 years off one antimatter cell. 

When they began to build the cities they began to build defenses around them and every major city as well as minor cities have deflector shielding and a Photon Cannon installation nearby. What was extremely odd though was when the U.S.S. Judgment went into the blackhole that brought them to the Starfleet reality the Taiidan homeworld all of a sudden appeared out nowhere in the Carpathian system.


Just seeing tje world before it was destroyed you would be surprised. However this world and its inhabitants are prime examples of Taiidan strength. Considered the onlybworld where the UGI couldn't order people around. And doing so was a mistake.