TMF-202 Paladin
Product information

Taiidan Heavy Engineering




Heavy Main Battle Tank

Technical information

30 feet


12 feet


10.9 feet


280 Tonnes

Engine Unit(s)

(2) Defender ion Drives


Unknown Alloy(Kept secret)

  • Sensor Jamming
  • Missile Decoys
  • (1) Dual 50mm Heavy Plasma Cannon
  • (1) Anti-Aircraft Plasma Cannon
Crew requirements

3(Pilot, Gunner, Commander)


Main Battle Tank


Nephalim War


UGI Army

A Tank with enough fire power to take down a cruiser and enough armor to withstand an orbital bombardment this tank was sent to the frontlines of the Nephalim War. Though they were destroyed often they would hold the line and take down the Nephalim with them. Their speed and agility for their sheer size meant the Nephalim had a hard time getting close to these technological terrors.


With a double barreled turret dealing even more fire power to the enemy than orignially though of these tanks were often paired with the GAUR-MK II's in a bind. The tanks then served as heavy assault vehicles and attacked the Nephalim with sheer over powered cannons killing a Nephalim Sentinel in a single shot from one of the two cannons. However for the weapons to be dangeroust they had to fire at least twenty rounds a minute from each barrel leaving 1 meter craters in the ground when they hit an object.

These vehicles when deployed showed the galaxy the UGI meant business; going so far as to deploy them in civilian populaces to keep the civilians in order during the evacuations and they held the line against the Nephalim and its three man crew usually paid the price for standing thier ground. Over 150 tanks would be deployed to a single planet and by the end of the battle there would be none left. Even the Imperium soldiers who helped tested this vehicle after merging with the UGI couldn't puncture it with weapons they built and the Nephalim tore through them with sheer power securing the Nephalims superiority though they didn't want to conquer the galaxy only exterminate what they wished.

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