TISN Te'lkjajuuk
Product information

Bal'juuk Battlecruiser

Technical information

1705 meters

Warp Drive


Shield Generator

Dek'jak Shield

  • Ion Cannons
  • Kinetic Autoguns
  • Kinetic Sweeper Cannons
Date of destruction
  • -15829 NET(UGI)
  • 75000 BC
 The TISN Te'lkjajuuk is also know ans the Taiidan Imperial Star Navy Te'lkjajuuk (pronounced Teal ka ja juke). Was a Taiidan Battlecruiser long before the UGI. It was destroyed and was left a derelict. It was found in 2509 adrift in the Lackey System even though it was never there. Starfleet Temporal Command became alerted and began to search for any signs of other Temporal Anomalies.


This vessel was the star of the Taiidan Empire, it had high powered weaponry although it was Kinetic weaponry albeit high powered railguns that would penetrate shieldings, they had one problem though, their high powered railguns would fire so much bolts of metal that it would pierce the enemy vessels and if another Taiidan warship was behind it the Taiidan ship would be damaged as well. This vessel however was the first to have Ion weaponry the first instance of Taiidan energy weaponry.


Manti WarsEdit

This vessel was commissioned by the Pro'juuk Delkaira as a means to fight the newly discovered Manti Dreadnoughts. It was attributed to killing 3 of them. It was then later used by Dvr as a weapon of Terror, bombarding worlds if they had the seed of a Manti on them. Over 1000 worlds were devastated to this day they are uninhabitable.


It was destroyed by an unknown enemy, this enemy from thier reality was a monster, called the Voth. Their fortress ship which was over 175 kilometers long dwarfed Borg Cubes which were only 3 kilometers cubed. However the Voth didn't destroy the entire vessel only enough to leave it adrift.


On January 6th 2509 in the Lackey System they found the derelict even though it wasn't there, but it appeared to be adrift for several thousand years. When they took a look at it, it was giving off Tachyon Radiation, which alerted Starfleet Temoporal Command, the Temporal Directive was implmented. When a Wells class Temporal vessel searched the Timeline they found that an unknown species even to the Borg brought it here. Even though this vessel was more than 75,000 years old it was found to still have technology over 4500 years more advanced than Starfleet. The Taiidans then declared the vessel theirs and when the Temporal Marshalls wouldn't hand it over the Taiidan vessels opened fire on the Starfleet vessels and took the ship to their system. Starfleet was then beginning to question why they took the vessel and took it by force.  When the Taiidans went into it they began to be concerned as there was traces of Manti eggs still in hibernation when they began to hatch. The UGI Protocol Delta Bravo 9 Directive was implmented.

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