Containment trooper
Few even know what this armor is made of, far less even know its capabilities are, however this armor has become a synonmous symbol of hope and dedication. Anyone in the galaxy who saw this uniform knew that help has arrived to do whatever it takes to provide relief.

Worn exclusively by the UGI Containment Troops that would come to devastated worlds, and provide aid in any way they could, even providing security to worlds left defenseless, as well as even aided the enemy soldiers who were left for dead. This armor was so famous that even AULTECH troops wouldn't fire upon the user who wore the armor.


It was designed to be very lightweight yet be able to resist puncturing, it is safe to say that it is nearly impossible to successfully stab the user and puncture the armor, the reasoning is that it actually is using the same material made from Sarci Nevron, and the armor will bend in a way to prevent the stab wounds this is to protect the user from any virus, disease, or contaigen on these worlds so they could provide the relief the people needed. 

Although it is extremely lightweight this armor was however "bullet proof" as well as RADPROOF, this armor was actually rated to be near the UGI Planetary Shield nodes. After discovering the Kalminite reactor technology and the radiation it gave off they redesigned the THORN Containment Uniform to be able to resist Kalminite radiation, this in turn allowed a world that has been devastated by a Kalminite weapon the user can provide relief there without fear of dying of radiation.


  • Resist nearly all puncture wounds, due to made with the same material as Sarci Nevron.
  • Is extremely lightweight, only weighs 50 pounds.
  • Is RADPROOF and is rated to be near some of the most radioactive materials in the known galaxy. 
  • Has attachments to allow its user to not only carry multiple weapons, but it also was able to have a portable beam device, all they had to do was aim their hand at a person and allow them to beam them to the nearest ship.
  • Its helmet was by far the most interesting part of the entire armor, due to one reason, it had a respirator on it but it the respirator was detachable to give it to a person who needed to breath, this respirator would force oxygen or whatever the atmosphere around it was before it was contaminated into the lungs of the person, the helmet itself has its own breathing system to convert the atmosphere into oxygen that the Taiidans/Humans require. 
  • This armor allowed the user to bypass rayshielding and any shielding device, to quickly provide aid to anyone in the shielded zone. Usually they would enter without weapons.

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