TD-9 Wetwork

Anytime the UGI takes an armor and adapts it to its top agents and specialist you can imagine the upgrades they give it and the amount of modifications can mount. With a helmet designed to look as alien as possible to seperate them from all the other soldiers these armors are used by by the UGI Temporal Corps.


Built by ARM the company then disappeared many people were shocked to see one of the UGI's top armor manufacturers disappear overnight even the likes of Michael Trillion was shocked as he remember the GDO but didn't connect the two. The armor was built using stolen technology from the future though ARM wasn't told it was like that. The armor could with wiring in the cloth beam heavy armor plates onto the soldier giving him a fully armored exterior but kept the orignal design. This allowed the soldier to survive even the hardest of battles by detection software that would automatically beam the plates once energy or projectiles was even near the armor. They would lose mobility but at the cost of surviving. 


The armor had a long history of contrevorsy and no one knew why. The ARM corporation was buried underneath levels of classified and security that the Divison 11 silenced the corporation and executed the top designers of the armor. Overnight the company was dismantled but no one knew why it all of sudden was destroyed. No one saw the facility get bombarded as an orbital strike hit that was entirely silent when Michael trillion heard of an orbital strike that made no sound nor repercussions of heavy weapons fire hit the ground he was puzzled as he had made friends with some of the designers of the armor and found out that everyone in ARM was executed but by who was the question. 

Divison 11 silenced the Corporation more importantly the Temporal Corps did. They did whatever it took keep this armor in UGI hands as it used technology 700 years in the future giving its soldiers and edge over anyone they came across.  The armor had a device that was placed on it by Temporal Corps that would erase all traces of the soldier when he died as if he never existed. When a small boy wanted to see his big brother the boy asked Michael Trillion to bring his brother back but was shocked when nothing was found of him. Michael Trillion asked Erex Malren what was the UGI covering up, more importantly where did they get the technology to erase all traces from someone. 

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