TCTD (Taiidan Corrupt Technology Division)
Agency information
Agency type

Multipurpose Advanced and unethical military Research

Date of formation


Preceding agency


Superseding agency



UGI, Taiidan








General Ian Matter

Parent Agency



"millions of little Orphaned projects"

The TCTD is perhaps the most ruthless and unethical military program in Taiidan History. People go in but no one has ever left even through death. Their troops vanish without a trace upon death, as does their suits and everything. Their weapons as well. They are said to cause taiidans to insane with in the year, but here even insanity won't give you freedom, it will be erased from your mind as your bent beyond your natural limits to to the will of TCTD. 

TCTD mishapEdit

A member of the TCTD accidentally told Erex during the Project SARIS though not saying itbout right he made a refrence to it that he kept hearing of. Erex investigated and went to Ian on a non confrontational manner and requested to explain what the hell is this? Erex never told him that he has heard rumors ofbits existence and the agent told him where to go. The agent tried to recruit erex was his explanation. When Ian told him he doesnt have to Erex infuriated threw him out of his office and demanded to know when Ian did tell him Erex looked him in the eyes and said "If you ever deny me again, there is no where in this universe human that you can hide from me. I'm Taiidan here on Taiidan my rules my show. "

Erex from then on out was not friendly to Ian. Even when ian sent assassins to kill him Erex surprised him by sending their heads to him.

Chance or MeEdit

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