Behold the weapon of choice of men. Capable of ending a damn enemy from 10 miles away in heavy armor and still put him out of commission and if he is still breathing believe me he won't be walking for the rest of his life which is 12 seconds. Blows a damn hole in the chest you ain't walking away from this.

TAR-12 HAVSOC Heavy Sniper Rifle
TR-12 HAVSOC Sniper Rifle
Product information



Sniper Rifle

Technical information
Ammo type


Max. Ammo


Magazine size


Weapon Action

Semi Automatic


10 miles

The one weapon you never want to be dealing with. Used only by Codex II soldiers and the like but with gruesome accuracy. It literally punches a hole through heavy armoring and is rated and tested on an Imperium Elite who was dying. They shot him to put him out of his misery but only after leaving a 30mm diameter hole in him. The Codex II Soldiers kept this rifle under wraps for obvius reasons as well as to ensure it couldn't be used against the Imperium Supreme Elites or Codex Soldiers. This rifle can even put an Omega Legion soldier on the ground even if it doesn't kill him it will cause severe pain.


The weapons stock is supposed to be as light as possible yet remains as strong as the soldier carrying it. Its barrel is long to ensure it can go a long distance but as well as hide the sound it creates without that barrel it would make large amounts of sound.


The weapon had a history in the making built off the Warlord yet its highly modified to the mission parameters to the Codex II soldiers.

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