Razureth Hosptial For SVA Care

Main Hosptial dedicated to Researching a cure cause and the care for Razureth suffering of the disease.

Nearly 30 years after Sarci Nevron was reinstated by Nigrash, a couple cases among Razureth populations began to emerge as being unusual. First symptoms of began with cases of random bursts of aggression and territorial behavior. 

First NoticeEdit

At first they were shrugged off as criminal behavior or razureth biological urges but further analyise began to show that these symptoms were the first stages of disease that affected species with more than 12 strands of DNA. But in Razureth it began to show signs of the disease mainly affecting them. 

Research was done to figure out the cause of the disease but even with razureth advanced Biotechnology neither a cure nor a cause for the Disease could be discovered. At first the diesease seemed simplely harmless save for periods but it soon grew worse. 


  • Stage 1 : Stage 1 is where razureth experience random mood swings that often revert them to using just their primal instincts while relieveing them of their logical thinking. (indefinite undetermined periord between stages.)
  • Stage 2: Stage 2 is where razureth expereince the symnptoms of stage 1 except with a complete loss of Logical thinking becoming more like animals.
  • Stage 3: Stage 3 is where Taiidans are called in to restrain the Razureth victum by any means nessesary as they become insane and lash out at everything living and inanmite. They are consider hyper dangerous and don't know enemy from friend.
  • Stage 4: After collapsing from stage 3, Razureth enter a coma like state where their bodies and minds becoem dormant, but their brain waves become erractic as does their shapeshifting ability.
  • Stage 5: After 200 days of stage 4, razureth victems enter their gelatnious state which at first appears healthy (deep red color) then becomes a grey ashen color before drying up and crumbling to dust. 
  • Stage 6: Razureth are declared legally and biologically dead. 

Experience for Friends and FamilyEdit

Like any disease that is fatal nobody can stomach the loss of a loved one or or worse seeing them waste away. Suprema Vis Amentia Disease is no exception, but it can also be a hazrad for friends and family. Their loved one will eventually go insane and attack them and holding off a razureth is no easy procedure. For no known reason the disease strike certain indiviuals but does not affect others nor is it contagious. In fact to this day no one save Rathal knows the cause nor the reason for why the disease happens. 

Ratio per 100,000Edit

Out of every 100,000 razureth, 350 of them will have the disease at soem time in their lifetime. It is the only known disease to affect the Razureth, but not the only one to affect being with 12 strands or more of DNA. 

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