"All matter in the universe whether normal or other is subject to Harmonic Oscillation Frequency. Cellular structure is also vunernable as well maintaining its own frequencies, in some ways your HOF is signature to your species, and to you, As a medical instrument it is the single most effective way to elminate disease, infections, bacteria, viriues, and even chemically made bio-toxins, a cure all that will render all other medical practices obselete, economically trillions of jobs will be lost, but the benfits will end all forms of death minues for murder, and old age. However our doctors also claim that by finding the correct frequency healthy cells could be destroyed, thus making this device also among the most powerful weapons in the universe. All this would be great just one problem, your medical industries won't permit this technology to exist out of their need to keep their jobs, and your military doesn't have the technology nor the time or money to even make this a feasible weapon, but whats worse, is that the Tele'tekathra already have and use this technology all the time. Take a look at their criminal rates for their sprawl, the Jin'Huan likewise who use this and they have fewer than one criminal per 500 trillion and that's every 5000 years. They have this weapon already in use as well as use on their own popluation for medical purposes, if anything they are making us look like a bunch of non-applicable tiers to the UGI when we compare our overall Progress compared to the Tele-Tekathra let alone the Jin'Huan." An angry writer for the UGI News.

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