"Hi Freeman23 here. For those who are new to the wiki let me tell you this page has been needed since the wiki first started as so many people don't even know what the heck is going on right now. So please feel free to read the timeline which starts in the dating system as shown in the introduction. Thank you ask us if we need to update this page."

So as the quote above says you want to know about ONI Fleet wiki's current story plots and timelines prior. Well this is the page to catch you up to speed. For a while now we have trying to come up with a proper dating system and I think I (Freeman23) finally figured one out. Most of the plots greatest changes come from the Taiidan's intervention so, the decision was to make them the central current plot factor.

Time before the Taiidan Arrival should be shown as BTA (Before Taiidan Arrival) and events afterward ATA (After Taiidan Arrival).

Timeline Edit

550 BTA: AulTech Industries officially becomes a Global Mega Corporation in 2010 AD on Earth. Edit

540-520 BTA: World War 3 Occurs and the post atomic horror lasts for nearly 20 years. Edit

520-140? BTA: Cochran Era begins on Earth. First Star ships are made. Vulcans contact humans. Enterprise becomes a ship. Warp 5 is no longer considered to be impossible to push beyond. Golden era of Starfleet. Borg conflicts, Dominion War, Voyager flight. AULTech becomes a Galactic Corporation. Star-Fleet begins to break down becoming more like the military order it was back in the golden ear in unsuccessful coups. Edit

140-10 BTA: An unrecorded time. (Yes you have the option of making it) Edit

10 BTA: Letric Tech Founder of the AULTech goes missing for 15 days before reappearing and since then for the next ten years begins to take a strong role in government manipulation and begins to buy out parts of starfleet and the federation. Edit

1 BTA: An Iconic moment in history occurs as the UGI Worlds Taiidan and Carpathia Emerge from their Galaxy along with a fistful of planets that once made up their mighty empire joins our galaxy and is given a region of their own for them to colonize and make use of. The Iconic moment in history however is ruined by a heavily damaged alien vessel with a single occupant, Rathuras Rathal. Edit

1 ATA: Due to a UGI Skirmish happy Admiral an attempted invasion of the world known as Shadexia is attempted. The invasion fails with overwhelming embarrassment for the UGI involved. Edit

10 ATA: A ZR-57 is detonated out of a Admiral's frusteration with unable to invade Shadexia. While noted the Admiral was court martialed and Executed, the UGI and the Taiidans were left in awe when the black hole did no damage to the system nor to the planet, the region around it was destroyed but the world and system was left undisturbed and the black collapsed in on itself becoming an asteroid field of Neutronium. Edit

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