Starfleet Special Operations
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Agency type

Special Operations

Date of formation



Earth Space Dock


10 Top Operations Officers

  • 50 Squads



General Galen Tolaran

Parent Agency


Starfleet Special Operations is head of all special operations and special forces actions and engagements in Starfleet. They are considered the best in Starfleet.


These soldiers trained on Earth, at Starfleet Academy Directive 7 ward, were Starfleet's special Forces would be trained. Top secret in their own right, trained in ground based Holo-Decks with impossible training levels only those who could survive for 7 hours in a gradually harder and harder Borg Combat fighting scenario were sent to Mars to training in a Zero-G facility Gamma Omega, there they were sent into deep space with rifles in the event they needed to fight the Borg in Zero-G situations. After that 7 week training was done they were sent back to a Holo-deck scenario with safeties off in a Borg boarding action. 10 would be sent in only 3 out of 10 ever come out.


The Special Operations was designed to combat threats to the Federation through brute force and violence. Trained by the best in the Starfleet Tactical and Security these soliders made every effort to come up on top and would be known forever as the soldiers who stood up to the Borg, and then the Voth.

Task Force Omega:Edit

Omega Force 1
This is special forces combined with Romulans, Klingons as well as Humans. They fight the borg incursion. These soldiers utilizing projectile weapons and railguns they can easily take on the borg without problem their outfits allow them to fight in Zero-G situations and provide enough oxygen for 48 hours in Zero-G. They are the cream of the Crop. Those who didn't make Task Force Omega would be sent to MACO.