The Star Union is a complex Government type composed of Star Systems and their empires in unison with each other, a collection of Empires with a Supreme Emperor. "The Star Union" is namesake of this Government type as they were the creators of this established rule.

Function Edit

The Star Union often sounds more complex than it really is, in some ways it is a feudalism, with a free Caste system each entitled to its own benefits. Power is distributed by a group of Emperors who rule over Kings, who then rule over nobles, and then they peasants.

In the Star Union the Supreme Emperor is elected by the Emperor Council, made up of civilizations leaders.

  • Supreme Emperor: Elected from the Emperor Council the Supreme Emperor delegates power through other Emperors and is recognized as the head of the Government, and stellar body. Locality is first to the Supreme and Second to an Emperor.
  • Emperor: Often referred to as Prime of State or in short, Prime. The Prime is head of his government and only one can rule over a single empire, and only from the homeworld that founded the empire.
  • King: More commonly known as Generals, Admirals, and Chancellors these men and women are the servants of the Emperor and are in control of the Empires Military and State operation.
  • Noble: Are lesser Generals, Admirals, and Statesmen, who function under kings and lead both war time and peace time forces, as well as run divisions of state.
  • Knight: From Cadet to Captain Diamond Class, these are the soldiers and government employed of the Star Union. They provide the bulk of the Citizen class.
  • Citizen: Men and women who have served in the government who are unfit for active duty or unable to continue to do so. They have the right to vote and entitlements of government assistance.
  • Peasant: Referred to as Civilians these are the largest group where everyone starts at from birth, and must join the military and serve the minimum of 4 years.

Prime Directive: To serve the Star Union and serve the galaxy by doing so.

Behind the Scenes Edit

I love Star trek, Star Wars and Starship Troopers, and decided to make a government that shared many things from each of them. The Star Union that exists in the Common Reality is made up of Klingons, Romulans, Orions, and Humans, all who have forged for themselves Empires of their own, but are headed by a Single Supreme Emperor. The Empires in formation include, Tholians, Breen, Cardasians, and Gorn.

Enemies are Borg, Dominion, Nosakins, Vulcan.

Neutral Force: Species 8472

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