Starcrusher Singularity

The Star Crusher became a Hyper Black Hole (which is a normal sized black hole with a gravity field of several super massive Black Holes.

Star-Crusher Class Imperium Star-Dreadought
Product information

Star-Crusher class Star Dreadnought

Technical information

8000 meters


4000 meters


3000 meters


6.7 yotta tons

Stellar speed

.89 of lightspeed

Warp Drive

Class 1.00 (first of its kind for the ship)

Warp speed

warp 8.1


100 meters thick of Black Hole Scale armour

Sensor Range

25,000 kilometers


Armour resists almost everything

  • Coberium Turbo Cannon (1)

10000lbs of Protomatter/Quadlithium

Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew




First sighting


Date of destruction



Immoruti Imperium



"It took how many Atrox Battleships to let alone crack its Hull !?!" a UGI intelligence officer hearing about the Prototype StarCrusher's destruction. 

The Imperium which suffers from AulTech syndrome, created an incredibly tough and powerful ship that was so strong that it withstood an Atrox invasion fleet of 20,000 ships single handedly, before its armour broke and the ship imploded onto itself creating the Suncrusher Singularity. 

The ShipEdit

The design of the Ship was to be a ship that was intented too be used strictly against the Atrox. The ship however faired far better than the Its designers had predicted but also came with a design flaw. Its destruction would create a Hyper black hole a black hole of realtive size to the ship but with a gravity field nearly equivlant to a hundred supermassive black holes. 

In its ability to handle maxium damage from thousands of ships at once and surive nicknamed it the name Star Crusher beacause it was believed that if the ship sat on top a star it would crush the star into a supernova due to its immense weight in its armour. However, when discovered what was used to make the armour a lot of people began to believe that it was more than possible but incredibly believable. The Ships armour was created in another dimension known to the Imperium as fold space In this area of space the Imperium was able to create black holes that lacked gravity within that universe therfore allowing the blacholes to bent around the ship creating a ship with its hull armour literally out of Blackholes. This armour was then fused with Trilithium which just happens to be the only element capable of stablizing the ships hull without the black holes adjusting to our universe principals. This in term created a ship that could if it wanted to travel into a star and cause it to supernova because of the trilithium. 

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