Medical splicing although legal is publicly illegal.

Splicing is considered the most illegal act in IFP space and highly illegal in UGI Space. Splicing is a drug equivlant as many youth in large IFP and UGI cities often try to get their hands on this stuff. 


Splicing is adding gentic information from animals and aliens into other beings. At first this process seemed harmless until higher levels of splicing eventually made a being become that creature or a mix of the creatures. 


The splicing of species within species is perfectly legal as this process can be usde to correct genetic disorders. The benifit was proven to be a success when Vortex Industries first used it for medicianal purposes however a smaller Company sect attempted to use this for being able to alter the civilian population in drug dealing. The effects of Gentic splicing can cause people to have mild appearnace that belong to other aliens or creatures. 

An example: Female humanEdit

"When I started splicing i orginally wanted to get the eyes of a cat. I thought guys would take a greater interest in me. It worked they suggested that also get a tail and claws. Eventually the only thing that kept me from becoming a cat was my humanoid appearance, posture, and intelligence. My size as well these Splicings made my diet change though i began to act more like the creatur i was trying to look like my parents were worried and i myself was begining to want more of the splicing but this time of another animal. That would have been the cause of my downfall had it not been for the public outcry against splicer's at we called ourselves. IFP troops were issued onto the street with guns that could release cures for the splicing. I discovered after being cured i had killed two troops and had begun to eat one of them at lair. Another troop shot at me from a helicopter and i rapidly turned back into what i was before all this. Human but my iris are forever stained green by the cats eyes i had paid to get spliced. I am all for the complete illegalization of splicing and i spend my life as a medical officer trying to help those who have been spliced." 

Splicing as torture or malicous intent.Edit

The malicious intent usage of Splicing was discovered to have been used on several beings throughout the galaxy who were spliced so that others could dominate them. Or, some species have spliced other so that they could eat the spliced ones. These were just few of thousands of reasons why splicing is illegal in the galaxy. However, millions still practice splicing in many shadow ports throughout the galaxy. 

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