Specter X
Specter X
Biographical information

Indeterminable; has never removed his Armour in the presence of anyone or anything.


Indeterminable; assumed to be Imperius Prime


7.7 ft



Cybernetic Implant(s)

currently unknown


Anti-Cyberspace Rifle Cannon, the rest are still unknown.

Armor set

Hyper-Advanced Cyber/Arkani Hybrid Armour


The Iron Finch (extremely Hyper Intelligent Ship, with technology way more advanced than the Imperium and the UGI put together. Is assumed to be stolen.

Notable Facts

Is known for always surviving each mission, and recovering faster from lethal attacks far quicker than the other Specters.

Military Information


Security Clearance

Ultimum Level

Awards and Honors

Unavailable do to secrecy.

Specter X is a one of a kind of agent of the Imperium. he has had a long strong friendship history with Cypher 2 and is one of the few people in the Universe who aware that the Cypher Division even exists. 

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