Species 8472

Species 8472

Species 8472 orginate from fluidic space. They declared war on the Borg and the entire Galaxy but failed due to altered Borg nanoprobes. They then plotted to exterminate all life in the galaxy but Captain Janeway gave them a different option to think about possibly winning some of their species over. 

Relation to the TimelineEdit

By 2501 the a large group Species 8472 (Undine) approxiamtely 3 billion joined the federation and later the IFP. Before UGI got involved in the Corporate War Captain Revan Jekvin not only recruited Undine but also Rathal recruited an Undine aboard his ship. The Undine were instrumental in the Corporate war and the species grew much closer to the federation and more favoribly the human race. Udine who fought in the Corporate war eventually signed up for StarFleet one particular Udine would later be discovered injured but alive on the Firestorm during the Omniverse Chronicals. Write the first section of your page here.

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