A species of bipedal aliens. The Sorghelli is the greatest threat other than the Manti. They come from the Novan cluster, and whats worse is they are the species that dismantled the Taiidan Empire through 180 years of war, they put conquered the Taiidans and now they are out for blood. Their Empire though not vast and large, they are more technologically advanced than the UGI by thousands of years. Their ships are incredibly hard to to destroy and the sheer size of them. The Sorghelli would first appear in UGI space and when they attacked Frigoris the entire galaxy looked in terror as an enemy they know nothing of was now out to destroy everything. The Sorghelli would later nearly cripple the UGI as their Jump Gate harbor was impentrable. They forced the UGI to call on the Imperium only to be denied.


The Sorghelli may not be as widely known as the Atrox nor be as powerful, but they are more evil and more devastating then the Atrox. Many who have seen them say they'd rather have an Atrox invasion than the Sorghelli, why? Because the Sorghelli are fighting a holy war, and will destroy everything in the galaxy to succeed in this war, they glass their enemies world firing super plasma that "glasses" an entire world leaving it uninhabitable they also make it impossible for their enemies to escape. UGI-Sorghelli War was the most devastating war that the UGI was apart of, and they UGI nearly was extinguished had it not been for the Uranians, and the Ga'lor. 

Quick statsEdit

  • Height: 16 feet
  • Weight: 1400 LBS

AL Reality Edit

In the Alternate reality, the Sorgheli arrived long before the Taiidan's did in a lone ship and exited in the Rakshi regions. Aligning themselves with the Rakshi to share technology for star maps and temporal technology, the Sorgheli were unable to realize in time the Rakshi's Nihilist beliefs, and were soon killed by them, their Progenitor technology was later assimilated and fully integrate into the Rakshi following 20 years after the Taiidan arrival.

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