Yeltsin Mele trooper

Mele trooper

The soldiers of Yeltsin could quite easily be the most adaptable, most trained, and most displined army in the history of the universe. Discovered first by the Jin'Huan and later by the UGI, both of which removed the remaining soldiers from their world, discovered much to their surprise that these soldiers were essentially human yet were able to survive the inhospitable conditions of their world. What seemed even stranger was that all the male soldiers were of a template of a single man and the women of a single woman, and any children they add merely carried on the same gentics as their parents. Unsure of how or why this form of breeding has occured both sociteies formed a research analyise of each of the yeltsin army and then shared it with their fellow research teams. 

Regarding the MalesEdit

The males  are all the same size aproximitly 6ft tall. Each wieghing in at 250lbs. From what has been observed despite  their size and weight differences compared to Black Codex III troops and Jin'Huan Vin'Hian Division, these males were able to easily topple, hold their own, and even restrain their opponents for longer than 30mins without suffuring from exaustion. Their offspring however when fully matured were able to hold their own and last against their oppoents until their opponents were unable to move from exaustion. From expeirience it has proven very difficult to kill them. An experiment was conducted by both research teams in which several such soldiers were killed by various weapons including high powered disrupters. Though the first of these were killed, other following the troops survived with injuries that later down the line just proved to be an annoyance. They are quick to adapt much like the borg but unlike them they have no dependence on technology. 

Our suggestions regarding the males is to use them as Ragnorak class troops as they seem unable to be completely defeated. One study shows when only males remain and women have died off, the males will literally split into to seperate beings, one male and one female, and will continue to thrive long after seperation. 

Regarding the FemalesEdit

The females should not be underestimated either. Not only can they hold their own but it is as if hacking were a first nature to them. Any code they learn in seconds, and any lock they can pick it without error. Early on both taiidans and jin'huan learned the hard way not to underestimate them. Twenty Jin'huan military personel and twenty taiidans both realized their elites guarding just one, was not enough. Twelve Taiidans and fourteen jin'huan learned that one female is plenty enough reason for a hundred. 

The females are the tactical side of the Yeltsin Soldier puzzle. 

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