Silver Matter

A sample of Silver Matter floating between repulsers.

"From the samples you provided Captain Malren, Sir we don't have the faintest idea how this stuff works or what it can do, I wish I could implore where you even found this but I known that's Crypt-level knowledge, but sir without any known purpose for this element to exist, I cannot even begin to understand this material. If you want my advice sir, call Nero and send him a sample, see if the Jin'Huan know anything about the stuff." Taidan's top classified super scientist, to Captain Erex Malren.

Silver Matter is a mystery. As Erex Malren would learn even the Jin'Huan were unaware of it. Erex Malren got a hold of the samples through Captain Nikolai Knight he had found them on a unusual ship in the Ectz quadrant of Galaxy Irosin. The ship was abandoned but as soon as his crew landed the ship began a five minute self destruct sequence. Several samples were acquired and then given into possession of Captain Erex Malren, the Emperor and of course Captain Knight kept a few for his own observations.

While currently no application nor observance or using it as a weapon is known Silver Matter is Crypt-Level knowledge, its existence known only to 37 individuals, those 30 that scouted the ship, five scientists, and Erex, the emperor, and Captain Knight.

Recent Update: Edit

Nearly 50 years after the construction of the Tela'tekathra Empire, it was revealed that Silver Matter was made by them, for what though remains a mystery.

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