Shraz'on Is both the name and a lineage, of Taiidan's who share heritage with the three noble houses. The Current Shraz'on was cryogenically frozen 20,000,000 years ago, it was only recently that he was released. This Taiidan is marked by a heritable disease similar to Extrosis, but more severe. He was frozen out of fear because he had gained more favor than the emperor at the time, or more preferably the Grand Vizer who was ruling at the time, who had him frozen, created an elaborate lie that Shraz'on abandoned the Taiidan People and had run off with his mistress, to Helghan Empire to join them to destroy Taiidan, the lie paid off and crushed any chance of rebellion against the emperor, and the Grand Vizer who was In rule at the time. For nearly 20,000,000 years he was cryogenically frozen until he was recently rediscovered by a training group on Hell, he wasn't in any records but when his DNA was scanned it revealed he was Shraz'on. By the very fact that the Chamber and the technology to restrain him was Taiidan revealed the conspiracy long ago thought to be true and was now proven true. He was released and trained again on hell before being unveiled before the Emperor, The shock was as expected unbelievable, it shook the Taiidan and UGI foundations. He made two friends and one enemy that day. Erex Malren, and the emperor who had both believed that Shraz'on had been the victim of the conspiracy and made an enemy of Captain Knight, who did not trust Shraz'on.

Shraz'on' Legacy Edit

Shraz'on has often been labeled in Taiidan history as a man who knew no defeat, however from an ancient record it has been revealed this was false, during his youth Shraz'on failed often in almost every training he failed several times, and the only reason he even got off of hell was because he took the trainings twice. Upon release he reenlisted as for a training again. At the academy this was the same thing, he took it twice and then made it, by making his mistakes at his time in the academy and training he was able to make no mistakes in the field action.

He is a Taiidan out of time and has barely even begun to adjust to the change, one thing discovered was that he had not had a mistress nor even had a love because he was so busy defending the empire from enemies.

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