Shara Japeth

"Woah woah woah Wait a minute, time out, Did Kasus actually find someone his size and compatible? ~Cameron

Shara Japeth
Biographical information

Unknown (but said to be similar to Kasus' they were called Angels)




11' 11"



Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Ocular Enhancers
  • Audio Enhancers
  • Olfactic Enhancers
  • Gustation Enhancers
  • Ultrdrenilin Storage sacs
  • Unknown hormonal Storage sacs
  • Bone enhancers???
  • Hindouiti Rifle (delivers a 22 ton explosive energy blast) 120 rounds a minute)
Armor set
  • Nomanii Neutronide (12 times the hardness of derexium at half the weight)
  • Since when do angels need ships?~Shara
Notable Facts
  • Was completely aware of everything that had happened in her universe and had been sent to inform Nigrash that "they were coming" (kal-krika termin progentior and coragadun tongue).
  • could not be mind read or mind melded by any telepath less than a 9.
Military Information
  • Guardian (equivilant to supreme commander of a civilizations military, however in the UGI or in Starfleet she was limited to Commander and no more)
Security Clearance

covert *major distrust*

Shara Japeth is like Kasus from the same universe as he, unlike him however she did not grow up in the UGI, instead she was incubated on the journey to this universe before she was expelled in space until she hitched a ride when a ship warped into her.

Like Kasus she survived do too her biology.

She refered to herself as angel or star spring, and that she was hear to inform the great Nigrash that they were coming and also to pair up with Kasus Nask and serve with him.

Unlike Kasus who would make a perfect soldier if he weren't so moral and protective, Shara is almost his opposite in what the Taiidans call Kasus weaknesses, in other words she would make the absoulte perfect Taiidan soldier for any age the only trouble is, She's is female, and she has a tendency to not know when to stop being brutal.

It is said that Nomanii and Angels take mates for life, and when they do, the very best traits of each are purified while the worst traits are disposed of. Together they move mountains. (figurative though with their biological traits this may not be that impossible, but for now we will say it is figurative)

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