Shao'Khan the Sovereign ruler of Asia, and founder of many ancient Asian customs and societies.

"He came from the heaven's in side of a massive silver dragon and when he touched down the earth trembled for miles around. On that day Asia would remember its golden age of unification and unequaled power. He was a bold and powerful leader, he made men stronger and women wiser. He dominated 2/5th of the world and all he ask in return was the adoption of beliefs and absolute obedience and worship to him and him only." Ancient Asiatic Text.

 The information on this page is not yet known comletely to the Omniverse and character within it. Area X information is completely unknown until i say when. 

Shao of Earth was among the most powerful and longest reigning rulers of ancient earth. By 2,500 BC he had made Asia a unifed nation capable of conquering and ruling the entire world. Nearly 500 years of war led to the invention of weapons of immense power which ended his empire in a single day. In Japan though he persisted and lived on, but by then he had become a tool to the Japanese rulers and a god among his cult which slowly worked over time to restore him control over the entire world. At one point he told them that their goals were not of earth but of heaven and they were meant to take from the other gods who were to come. He told them that they had to be ready. With the cult he established which spread worldwide and their scientists working to get off world. Meanwhile, though Shao'Khan would take the guise of many world rulers and conquers working forever toward his goal to again achieve what he sought, supreme godhood among all the universe and he would devel into a gentics program that by all the universe knew was either madness or genius and if he succeded no one would be able to stop him. 

Area XEdit

The Founder and orgin to the mystery. 

Project ShadowSpaceEdit

Regarding to the same weapons that Sarci Nevron would discover and Keep secet because of their untold power that could be used to destroy the entire omniverse. This Project studies Coragadun Technological and Progenitor Technological Artifacts and are quite easily the most researched and advanced Technological knowhow regarding to this technology in the Omniverse, aside form their creators. They are responsible for the rason the Universe can never seem to successfully unite and manipulate the minds of the Taiidans and other powers to keep them at odds with each other at all times. 

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