Division 11 Agent
The Division 11 Agent Code named Shadow is a Operative who has an extreme skill of eliminating his enemies quickly and efficiently. However that  being said his face hasn't been seen since he was made an Operative. However he is married with children but they do not know he his Division 11. 

When the UGI needs something done quietly and efficiently they call in Shadow with a flawless record for not being a Cipher he turned down joining them because he would never see his wife and children again. He instead chose to remain an Operative and take out the enemies from the Shadows; hence his name. He wears pitch black armor and carries advanced weaponry and can take on a Black Codex I but most likely won't survive the ordeal. He has been injured on multiple occassions including multiple stabbings, he has been shot 12 times, and has survived a facility detonating where he was in the rubble for a week before escaping it. 

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