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Sergei-82 is a Black Codex II but he is a one of a kind. Although he is Black Codex II he is also one of the only Taiidans that was bred for genetic perfection. His father DNA is that of Erex Malren through artificial insemination he is aware his father is Erex and Erex is also aware of it. His mother was a female Taiidan named Gamina Oneki who was Erex Malrens perfect genetic match.


The man known as Sergei is a soldier at heart memorizing every single battle of the UGIs history. As well as being a compassionate and affectionate. He married the AI Iris when she used a Taiidan body and they actually ended up having children.

The moment he entered combat out of all the Black codex he was the most ruthless and aggressive soldier out there. Thanks to a few genetic modifications to his DNa strands.


Born in 2601 he was put in an acceleration chamber used to accelerate clones so that the process of augmentation would begin. He was also given a personality chip that allowed him to be at the maturity level of 21. The Sergei personality chip would be uninstalled once the chip fully eradicates the present personality and install the Sergei.

His marriage to Iris when she had a body died he fell intona depression when Tis'atid met Sergei she and him married a few months later. Their child was an anomaly bearing traits of Tis'atid and Sergei. When he was 6 years old he touched an iron codex soldier who killed him. Sergei in a rampage beated the Iron Codex soldier to death. He proved to Iron Codex he wasn't one to mess with. And even when he showed his face to the galaxy for the first time he spat in Ian matters face and kicked him to the ground. He blamed him for taking his child.


  • Was married to Iris before her body died..
  • Of all Black Codex he is the most ruthless.
  • Is genetically perfect to Taiidan standards and his DNA strand is at a perfect 7 strands of genetic code. Due to this it also makes him heavier to begin with. Without augmentation he weighs in at 2200lbs; with 9000 lbs.
  • He is by far the strongest Taiidan and Codex Soldier to ever live.
  • He would died at 790 when he protected his grandchildren when an unknown alien stabbed him while in the Pegasus galaxy.
  • He is immune to the Bason'thi of the Pegasus.

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