Sensus is incredibly intelligent and has met with the High command, but only in the lab.

Sensus Tech is the third son Letric Tech but, he is also unknown. His mother an Agent for the UGI secreted him away to the UGI and left him in the hands of LoreTech Adminstration. 


The Child at just 3 months of age while forming in the Artficial womb was already doing complex mathmatical calculation in its head which began to register on some of the scanners. To accelerate the growth process they added SD Pathogen (A Thread of Sarci's DNA) to increase the speed of growth. The result caused the child not to go 9 monthes but age 7 years in 9 months. Then the Pathogen was removed. The child was analyized and study for another 3 years. The results concluded afterward that his IQ was over 97867. When in isolation he was given tools and anything he wanted. Within a small amount of time he had created several advances in technology which would be exclusivily used by the Cypher division. Over the course of the Next 30 years he would continue making these gadgets while never leaving the lab. Eventually though when Neuron escaped he took Sensus with him. He hasn't been seen since. It is assumed he is in Cyberspace.

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