SARIS terrorist

Former Paramilitary and members of the UGI military its unknown where and when they came from nor what their mission is only that they are UGI trained and are extremely militant. Its rumored that they are upset over the fact that the UGI's only Extant class Heavy Cruiser was destroyed and all hands onboard where killed.


It is known this is a former UGI militant group its name unknown to all just SARIS however interiorly it stands for Syndicated Assault Reconnaisance Intelligence Services, which only a few people in the UGI Intelligence knows this is actually a code word for Black Codex Program meaning many of its members are Black Codex and Divison 11 agents. They believe the UGI has betrayed its orignial and core beliefs and now are making the galaxy suffer.


SARIS's history of terror was spotty and intense, with their body count in the hundreds of thousands especially with members of the Black Codex under the domain. For the first time since the AUREC threat and the Sorghelli invasion, the UGI never faced a greater threat than when their own Super soldier program was turned on them. The UGI would later have to eradicate this dangerous threat to ensure the UGI's survival but that would be easier said then done especially when facing a threat that most people never heard of or technically never existed. When they fought the SARIS threat it would prove to be too much these highly trained spies were some of the greatest the galaxy has seen even many Cipher Agents joined SARIS causing the UGI to be at a constant state of war.

ZR SituationEdit

SARIS at one point had several ZR-57 tactical missiles with enough firepower in their arsenal to destroy much of the known galaxy they even armed one and destroyed a region in deep space no one was killed in the explosion but that was the point to prove they had the UGI's greatest weapon in their arsenal. The UGI deployed the JORAN armor to its units to face an enemy and recover all the UGI ZR-57s and once they did it cost the UGI nearly 1500 men to recover all 12 stolen ZR-57s. The Galactic Council was shocked to hear that the UGI had more than 4 as it was previously known that only four existed when in reality SARIS disclosed that the UGI had enough to destroy several galaxies (a total of 150 ZR-57's were created).

Rumors Edit

It is rumored that some SARIS Agents have a understanding with Captain Nikolia Knight, of the UGIS Phantasm. Division 11 found this to be just a rumor, but then again, rumors are unpredictable things.

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