Demos the very name sounds hard, strong and yet cold, as if it was meant to describe a place of dread, ruthless as the fires that burn from its fiery core to the very vents of its forges. They think of themselves neither superior as the taiidans think of themselves nor inferior as yurtru think of themselves to their Klingon masters. They are merely fanatical genuises who since the beginingg of their civilization have thought of nothing but to learn and control all that is existent and non existent all things possible and impossible. And they will use any means to accomplish their religouss belief. they make all worlds hell in their wake kal krika cannot stop them Jin Huan cannot restrain them and taiidans can barely even contain them. Demos is rising, and hell is consuming, demos will draw all life and light before the cosmos shuts its eye, beware Demos is on the rise."

this was a prophecy written ten billion years before the taiidans were created. It has remained legend since it first hearing and is not taken seriously by most, as the concept of a civilization more powerful than those civilizations that were considered unbeatable is nearly impossible to imagine and yet it is the only explanation for a recent deep space co-op exploration between the jin'huan and the taiidans in which both vanished mysteriously with neither wreckage nor anything out of the ordinary as they were taking a look at a region of space that was reading unusual gravimetric readings despite the mass of the object.

Demos Edit

in an unknown part of the omnivores lies a planet that has been in its deathroess since intelligent lifenwasndiscovered on it.

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