Regeant War Memorial
The Regeant War Memorial is built only a mile away from the UGI War Academy on its grounds near the Avarus beach. It is open to the public in the see. It is a structure that is not usually in the UGI design feautures but it is a beautiful structure lined with every name of the crews of Navy every ground soldier and outside is lined with every civilian that died in the war. It is a place that talking is a crime and is to be silent while at the structure. Every day the UGI Honor Guard do a ritual that is very honoring to the deaths of the Regeant War. It took 4 years to build and 125 billion credits which over 10% was donated by the Trillion & Vasikov Academy and its dean requested to not be given "recognition" of the donation as it wasn't about that it was about remembering those who died in the war.

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