In what the following was later described as poor judgment of the regets and misinformation planted by the taiidans, a fleet of regant opened fire upon the planet of Varsusi, a planet  that was set for settlement by the jin'huan. After bomarding the small colony on the planet did the Regants scan for lifeforms, the results of course terrified them and quickly opened a com to reason with the jin'huan on there grave error. 

"Please, honored ones have mercy on me and my fleet we had misinformation regarding to the planet which we believed to be the enemies." Regent admiral trying his best to talk his way out having his fleet and a planet of the regents from being "fairly wiped".

"nevertheless we must be fair." The Jin'Huan council. 

"Oh god no, please have..." the Regent Admiral, fuly aware of the power of the jin'huan and what it means to be fair.  

and in that moment the fleet and one of the regants planets equal in size and population to the destroyed world vanished without a trace. The taiidans listening in on the conversation suddenly heard the com go dead, and the visual scans reveal ships were there a second ago but now it was if they had never been there. The com recrackeled to life, 

"we know full well you were responsible for giving them information concerning our planet as a base of operations, while judgment has fallen upon the regents, do not expect us to offer you help when you need it, that is your punishment for causing indirectly the deaths of 1200 citzens." The council to the taiidan operatives. 

Despite this incident the Jin'huan did later come to the rescue but never to the rescue of the taiidan who had leaked the false information. Despite this both taiidans and jin'huan respect each other by not bringing up this subject. 

Taiidan OperativesEdit

The Taiidan Operatives operated independant of the Taiidan's and were a member of a group of Taiidans that would do whatever it took to save the Taiidans. They were members of an organization known as the Tiaji'k.

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