Product information



Razur... series


Razur Class

Technical information

19.5 kilometers


13.25 kilometers


9.8 kilometers


50.5 Exatons

Stellar speed

Warp 12.7 (fastest in D.R.U.Z.)

Engine Unit(s)

NevronOpis System 7.6

Warp Drive

NevronOpis System 7.7

Warp speed

1-12.8 (with structural integrity issues)

Power output

650 exajoules


Antimatter with Nevinine Control Matrix.

Shield Generator

500 exawatts


ProtoInfintium with Titanium-chrome finish.

Sensor Range

Opticom replacement of sensors, (range Universe wide)

Targeting systems

P.T.A. (Psychic Targeting Assistant)




Thought Compliance Software/ with manual override.

  • Ion Particle Protection
  • Extensive Anti-Corruption Cyber Protection systems
  • Lock-down Matrix
  • 300,000 B.E. Torpedos
  • 200,000 RM Torpedos
  • 1,000 Turbo Phaser Turrets
  • 200 Nihil Cannons
  • 8 Proton-Collision Arrays
  • 1 Hyper-Meta-/12 yottaJoule/ Cannon

6000 fighters

Crew requirements
  • 10,000 Standard crew/soldiers/pilots
  • 5 Senior Hologram/Android Officers
    • Nevron may or may not be present
Skeleton Crew
  • Nevron
  • Automated Cyber-Assisted Bio-Thought AI

Prisoner/Food Capacity: 2,000


20 year supply for crew. Nevron: 1 year's worth of "fresh Meat"

Other systems
  • Jump-gate Recall Generator
  • classified
First usage



Serve has Mobile Command for Nevron the Immortal, as flag-ship of all fleets.


Nevron the Immortal rules the known Cosmos.


Nevron the Immortal

In the Galaxy Prime Universe, the RazurWraith would be formidable ship, but in the Dark Reality Universe, this ship is the most powerful and the most feared in their universe. Taking advantage of shock and awe tactics, Nevron the Immortal creates fleets with millions of capital ships with billions of smaller ships that can be deployed from the Capital ships, and from within the smaller ships trillions of fighters can be deployed Universe wide. 

The RazurWraithEdit

Nevron the Immortal disocvered early on that the presence of a massive ship can instill panic within an entire system. The mor ethe system panics the less likely they can form a decisive strategy. Creating his line of ships that have started with Razur for the past 600 years have always been of incredible size and even of more incredible firepower. The loyality of the crew however is not just inspired by the fact that Nevron has never lost, but more importantly by his unncanny ability to to surive impossible to surive circumstances. The other hold of fear is the fact that crew memebers who fail even once in their duties or were to slow are either tortured or eaten by Nevron. Being over 600 years old and still claimed young Nevron will very likely rule the universe for many centuries to come. Unless he destroys all of it out of the lack of more places to conquer. 

In this way the entire universe seeks out ways to go beyond the universe and find ways to go beyond the universe so that Nevron doesn't destroy them. 

The RazurWraith his armed to blood of its teeth. Being the fastest ship to enter and use an acceleration gate network the RazurWraith seals the fate of many galaxies when it comes into their space. The ship boost enough firepower to dispate Blackholes in a matter seconds and then be able to surive their gravity fields with its incredible armour plating. Few ships have ever attained this form of unholy terror but in the Dark Reality Universe blackholes no longer exist naturally and galaxies have begun to merger together connecting the universe in a whole new way and this ship and the ones before it are responsible. 

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