"Raith Hector, the UGI's most, uh hold on, Uh in other news." a Typical announcement being suppressed, because of UGI Arianism in many desperate attempts to make Known the deeds of Raith Hector for the UGI.

Raith Hector is considered in UGI history a turning point in its history. A single figure who more into his role as a UGI Officer, and Hero then any person since the first Emperor of the Taiidan Empire. His sacrifices, his actions, and his ideals, and his faults contributed to more than the sum of all those prominent figures before him. At the end of his life he died Humbly in service to the a UGI that in his lifetime he saw reform. When the New UGI Formed, it remained for nearly 300 years without a figure to rally behind, but following his death taking the knife that would have killed the UGI's other legend Erex Malren, it was then, that the UGI realized its neglect of its real reformer, the one who finally destroyed the Atrox, and forged a peace agreement with the Tela'tekathra, but is greatest contributions was his six year journey where he discovered 3 species compatible with the Taiidan race and one in particular that finally and successfully solved the genetic deterioration of the Taiidan species, allowing natural reproduction to succeed once again.

His death, was actually made first into a day of mourning then into a day of remembering. Erex Malren himself, spoke of him frequently throughout the remainder of his life, soldiers, patriots and the officers of every branch of the military to the very civilians continue to honor Raith Hector.

"He may not have been an Emperor, nor was he Taiidan, or a member of a founding race, but he was and perhaps something we should have looked for long ago." ~Taiidan Emperor

"He will be missed... by all of us." ~An ultra rare occurrence of a choked up Erex Malren.

A secret cache was opened shortly after his burial, it contained a total record of all his contributions finally revealed it revealed how many cover-ups of the good deeds he had pursued and executed throughout his lifetime. The total number was higher than that of any officer on record. With all of his works exposed publicly those records were stripped to find out why his works were covered up, and when it was as simple as species indifference, there was much anger against those who had covered up his works.

Memorials Edit

Across the UGI and across all space that Raith Hector had helped or served, on every world a statue of some sort and several buildings, were named after him. Even on New Taiidan. The Largest of these is The Raith Hector Mausoleum where his body was moved to, as well as the new UGI Battle Academy, where the largest concentration of Training and Learning commenced at.

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