"Whats your opinion on Lieutenant Raith Hector?"

"Captain, he's a fine officer, so long as you keep him busy, being a Teriotae you know, even the most conservative get antsy."

"Well UGI High Command has looked over his past actions and thinks he might be suitable to be promoted to first officer."

Biographical information Photo
Name: Raith Hector (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 03/16/8997 (300) Seth Storm
Species: Teriotae Place of Birth: Carpathia (City)
Nationality: UGI Citzen Ethnic Origin: Refused to say, doctors agreed to privacy.
  • Taiidan
  • UGI Basic
  • Federation Standard English
  • Various others,
Physical information
Height: 7' 8" Weight: 360lbs
Hair: none Eyes: Auburn
Blood type: R- Postive Medical Restrictions: Allergic reactions to a Taiidan Dessert Fruit
Religion: Read the wiki, and seen very few Religons
Other Important Medical Information: Has a bad reaction near Orion, and Razurath
Other Identifying marks/Features: Two scars about 3" long behind the left side of his head.
Maritial Status: Single Spouse n/a
Children n/a Mother Mirah Qeish
Father Janus Hector Siblings none
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSNAssigned Branch: UGI Navy
Rank: First Officer Position: First Officer
Current Assignment: UGIS Hellfire Security Clearance: Secret Clearance
Status: Alive (Recovering from Warp Core Breach)
Born to two loving Parents Raith Hector was enrolled into the UGI War Academy upon reaching 20 years of age. Studying was like all of his species a little to easy and took several jobs to keep himself entertained.

He eventually caught the eye of a UGI Admiral while he was serving at an Officer's Club and finding him as one of the highest scoring members at the academy, assigned him to a ship as a cadet while allowing him to continue his education online.

Yet even then, Raith found himself with too much free-time on his hands and was invited often by friends to local bar or club, almost immediately he would lock himself in his quarters and avoid socializing altogether.

According to his crew mates he was considered a brilliant, yet fun guy to work with, he knew when to be formal, and he knew how to be respectful, but when both fellow crew members tried to hangout with him after duties or superior officers offering to buy him a drink, he would often decline, or try to offer an excuse to avoid doing so.

His captain eventually after 5 attempts to talk to him after duties finally peered into his room on security cams and found Raith to be doing literally nothing in his cabin, not only that he would talk to himself about why he can't go out and enjoy himself. The captain later noted that the Teriotae he had on board was not only aware of the Taiidan Stereotype toward his species, but wanted to avoid being associated with it.

The captain had some new respect for him, and after sending him to a councilor he was eventually able to buy him the drink he had told Raith he'd buy.

Unofficially the Captain of the Hellfire and Raith are on such informal speakings with each other, that they often get in trouble with crew staring or trying to defend the Captain when Raith would be make insulting statement, or even look at their captain in horror when she'd laugh about it.

With superior Officers like the admiral who originally took notice of him, would often wonder whether or not it was a wise idea to assign Raith to her ship but, time and time again as Raith moved up the ranks he proved to High Command that he was on the right ship and under the right captain.

By his 34th birthday he was first officer onboard the Hellfire, and had just recently helped evacuated the crew and the captain before the warp core breached. He survived like his species is able to, but has been in recovery for the past two years. In that time the Hellfire -A has been under-construction and would be a Charon Class.

He would also receive a Purple heart for his recovery after the warp core breach.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
No records on file. No records on file.
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
    • Considered to be among the Finest Graduates of the Century. Has been pursuing both active field duty while taking online classes.
    • Graduated first in his class
    • Graduated first in his class
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
    • Failed
    • Graduated first in his class
    • Graduated first in his class
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
    • Graduated second in his class
    • Graduated with a 3.6 average
    • Took but never finished, was dropped and pardoned.
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
    • Considered Gifted in Psionic manipulation
  • Masters Degree in Quantum Mechanics
  • Authorized for small, large, and medium firearms. Talented explosives expert, and an excellent shot with small arms, considered to be a pro at unarmed combat.
Promotion History Awards
No records on file. No records on file.
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file.  
    • Refusing a Physical
  • Refusing to 'diplomatically persuade' A female reptilian ambassador.
  • Not engaging in Romantic Activities with Captain, (who was drunk at the time and the Admiral was willing to overlook it, but nonetheless it showed up as a joke in the UGI Records)

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