RD-14 Overwatch Armor
RD-14 Overwatch Armor
Product information



Combat Armor

Technical information

120 LBS

  • HRV
  • Vacuumed Sealed Parts
  • Zero-G Rated
Historical information
Known users
First seen



This armor is an alternate armor meaning its not seen as often but when it is seen its to be taken notice of. The marines that wear this tend to wear it as a policing outfit since the Sorghelli Wars. Though another group called the UGI Sentinels wear it.


Designed and terrifyingly strong, its rated for those who may risk being sucked into the vacuum of space and when that happens their gear and pieces seal that area off to ensure that the rest of the armor doesn't get comprimised. A knife cannot cut through the gear without great strength, but its idea was entirely sound it did have issues such as its HRV sometimes didn't work when an EMP hit which is very odd for UGI technology that was usually dampened to prevent EMPs.


This armor was seen on the Marines on GalSec Station and the marines onboard were known to hold thier rifles and be entirely still, and motionless. And at times when some new species that came aboard tried to make these marines move they realized it was in futility. An Imperium Delegate brought his children onboard and one of his children tried to make a marine talk and used his fathers status to make the marine talk. The father was horrified when he learned of the situation and went up to his son and saw the following:

Boy: My father is of the Imperium, and his government is why the UGI are still around so it be best that you start talking and do what I say.

UGI Marine: <Silence>

Boy: You think I'm joking? I can have you executed my father will have you executed when I tell him you hit me.

UGI Marine: Go for it, I'll wait here while you go get your daddy, you little piece of shit.

Imperium Delegate: I'm soo sorry. Alec, how dare you talk to him in this manner what did he do to you? I brought you onboard in good concienous and this is how you repay me? The UGI are allowing us to be here, and that Marine is allowed to execute you.

Boy: I just wanted him to talk.

UGI Marine: Maybe you should of asked nicely.

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